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Hi Newgrounds!

2016-09-20 04:45:18 by Syringes

I missed this site so much! I just got back into drawing again, getting my confidence back and posting art hopefully regularly again. Im also doing requests(as long as they arent too difficult and detailed) so hit me up and give me something to draw! Love you guys, and I hope you're all doing well!!


Side note, it's been 2 years since I have posted something, holy shit.


2014-05-22 03:07:30 by Syringes

Edit: I really dont want to post something new, so I will edit my old post and say hello to everyone and I am alive. Hah.

I own a tumblr!

2013-12-26 00:25:00 by Syringes

So yea! I do! I dont think I ever brought it to my fan's attention! If you enjoy my work, I post a lot of Works in Progress, and I also post a lot of things that I dont post on newgrounds. Newgrounds only gets my art that feels worthy is all! So feel free to check me out!

I also have my commission information on there.

Commissions! :)

2013-06-17 01:27:48 by Syringes

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know, I am open to doing any commissions. If youre interested let me know. I don't charge high :)

here is an example of one I did for someone who plays wow. din


2013-05-12 22:14:29 by Syringes

Finally updated some art in my gallery, Ive learned a lot over the years and from the classes I've been taken. Feelz good man. Check'm out!

Animation classes!

2013-01-07 14:34:13 by Syringes

Wooo! Pretty soon I will be taking my first 2d animation class. I hope to be making more animations afterwards.

Also, late happy new year. ouo

Slender Man

2012-08-07 03:13:09 by Syringes

Hope you guys are familiar with Slender Man, if so/or not, check out my new piece! :]

TF2 Kids

2012-02-01 20:03:40 by Syringes

Just submitting a new drawing of mine, TF2 Kids, go check iiiit. :D


2011-10-31 00:17:59 by Syringes

I forgot to work on some kind of Halloween flash/image. Oh well, maybe Christmas ill do somethin... /cry

My new flash!

2011-08-20 17:13:46 by Syringes

Hey guys! Check out my latest flash and rate it please! I worked really hard on it. : )

My new flash!