Entry #40

Hi Newgrounds!

2016-09-20 04:45:18 by Syringes

I missed this site so much! I just got back into drawing again, getting my confidence back and posting art hopefully regularly again. Im also doing requests(as long as they arent too difficult and detailed) so hit me up and give me something to draw! Love you guys, and I hope you're all doing well!!


Side note, it's been 2 years since I have posted something, holy shit.


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2016-09-20 05:30:21

Nice to meet you, and welcome back to NG. (º- º ) b

Syringes responds:

AAYE thanks bud :3


2016-09-20 06:33:01

Welcome back. Things are only a little bit different after 2 years, I suppose. I take requests, too, but for audio.

Syringes responds:

haha thank you! Yea, this site only gets better imo. @u@


2016-09-20 10:12:59

Glad you came back and are still drawing! All I can suggest is, draw something you love... but maybe others don't? There is no beauty that hath no strangeness about it...

Syringes responds:

Yees, this is true haha The things I draw dont usually fit newgroundser's taste unfortunately


2016-09-21 19:49:23

Glad to see you again!
Im looking forward to see more of your art again, "drifting" looked pretty good, btw.


2016-09-22 04:04:31

Maybe, maybe not. Try uploading something you'd consider unworthy of this place, you might be surprised...