2013-05-12 22:14:29 by Syringes

Finally updated some art in my gallery, Ive learned a lot over the years and from the classes I've been taken. Feelz good man. Check'm out!


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2013-05-12 22:33:19

You are extremely talented, and I love your art Katie. Keep at it!


2013-05-13 00:30:59

Yeah, I been keeping up with your new stuff, well done! Any new flashes in the works, maybe :3

Syringes responds:

I plan to start animating again, Ive learned a lot, so maybe I can put something together :)


2013-05-14 05:37:10

Looks good!


2013-05-17 15:36:28

Do you realy need classes? I mean.. I never did, and i'm still the best in my class (school) even though I havent submitted ANYTHING to Ng (_ _) I need this thing called X-el or something

Syringes responds:

I know I needed them, everyone can learn no matter how good they are. And always remember, there is always going to be someone out there who is better than yourself. I make sure to hang around lots of artists who are better or just as good as me, because if I dont, I will never have a reason to push myself and have goals. So just keep that in mind, classes never hurt, and as an artist you need to constantly learn, and take in any information you can get.