2014-05-22 03:07:30 by Syringes

Edit: I really dont want to post something new, so I will edit my old post and say hello to everyone and I am alive. Hah.


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2014-05-22 03:14:18

I see your problem. Let's see if this works. (I'll try and scout you, because it says you're not scouted to me as well.)

Syringes responds:

This is such a bummer, it wont let me accept it. ;_; Thank you though, i really appreciate the help. Maybe I need to contact a mod?


2014-05-22 04:34:51

Something similar just happened to me.

Syringes responds:

Yea, its really odd, I cant imagine what caused it. Someone kindly fixed it for me after I posted in the art forums, maybe try the same if its still happening.


2014-05-23 05:02:08

Is it fixed yet? This bug came up so suddenly for a lot of ppl...

Syringes responds:

Was fixed for me! And yea, I guess it wasnt just me, thankfully.