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Entry #39

SOLVED. I am scouted but it says I am not??

2014-05-22 03:07:30 by Syringes

Edit: Oh wow! That was fast! Thank you for the help!!

Old: So.. uh, I noticed that I was unscouted, or I thought I was, and for some reason I had the option to scout myself(which is funny), so just for kicks I scouted myself and it actually followed through most of the way until the message read 'this person is already scouted'. Ok, but... for some reason my art doesnt appear scouted anymore? I am so confused, please help me out on understanding what is going on here. @_@

Could this be some kind of glitch? I am a little worried.


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2014-05-22 03:14:18

I see your problem. Let's see if this works. (I'll try and scout you, because it says you're not scouted to me as well.)

Syringes responds:

This is such a bummer, it wont let me accept it. ;_; Thank you though, i really appreciate the help. Maybe I need to contact a mod?


2014-05-22 04:34:51

Something similar just happened to me.

Syringes responds:

Yea, its really odd, I cant imagine what caused it. Someone kindly fixed it for me after I posted in the art forums, maybe try the same if its still happening.


2014-05-23 05:02:08

Is it fixed yet? This bug came up so suddenly for a lot of ppl...

Syringes responds:

Was fixed for me! And yea, I guess it wasnt just me, thankfully.